About Us

International Trade Online is Chinese-English operating system in China referring to factories, traders, shipping lines, ports, freight forwarders and so on, offering professional E-BIZ strategies for your business exploration in China or your global business exploration outside China.

Our business scope contains but not limited to the follows:

I. Documents translation/Business interpretation

Documents translation between Chinese and English, French, Germany, Japanese, Korean, Russian & Lithuanian in marine field. We also provide Chinese/English interpretation for international business.

II. Chinese/English website construction

Assistance in Chinese/English website construction, domain and webhosting supply

III. Chinese/English E-Education

We have a team of professtional tutors covering a dozen of industries, to provide you the online language education for forging the international business talents.

IV. Chinese/English E-Media

Bring your eyes to the world and lead the world’s eyes on your business.

V. Chinese/English E-Conference & Exhibition

Bring your eyes to the world and bring the world to communicate with you.

VI. Chinese/English E-Cooperation

Help you to do E-BIZ cooperation with the right business partner to extend your market in China, or explore your global business outside China.